I never thought that having brain tumor surgery could be such a gratifying experience.  I am most grateful for your professionalism in your field of medicine and for your dedication to your patients. 
In addition, your office staff is a pleasure to deal with, whether over the phone or in person.  May you continue to minister to those in need with your skillful hands and wisdom, beyond all measure. 
Thank you for being there for me
Middletown, NY
Dear Dr. Oppenheim,
Because of your efforts, our son, Jim is alive today. On Wednesday, 3/3/04, our son was flown to Good Samaritan Hospital for an emergency craniotomy evacuation of an epidural hematoma. You quickly and accurately recognized his condition, and successfully performed the surgery.
Some people have told us that our son was “lucky” to be alive. We say that luck had nothing to do with it. Your expertise as a surgeon, and your timely decisions are what kept him alive. 
Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Our family will be eternally grateful to you.  
Stony Point, NY
 Dear Dr. Degen,
After three months of the most intense and unrelenting pain I had ever felt; after physical therapy, pain medication, and two spinal shots; I was ready for the surgery you described. You mentioned the dangers it might present to a person my age, but you seemed so confident, you allayed all of my fears...
Less than 24 hours after surgery, I was walking with no pain. That was almost four months ago, and I feel fine. Dr. Degen, you are my hero. You saved this damsel when she was in utter distress. You also have a nice sense of humor. Thank you for giving me freedom from pain and a chance to enjoy life once again. Thank you! Thank you!
Very truly yours
Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY
Tomorrow will be one week since my surgery. I still cannot believe what my last 6 weeks have been. For someone who was always blessed with great health, dealing with surgery was unthinkable. 
You were wonderful to deal with, from our initial consultation through surgery. I am on the mend. I cannot put into words my thanks. My 5-year-old has his mommy back!
My sincerest respect and thanks
Blooming Grove, NY
To The Staff at Hudson Valley Neurosurgical Associates,
I can’t thank each of you enough for the tremendous support and kindness you’ve shown me. These past few months have been anxious for me as you can imagine, but at every turn you helped make this surgery and recovery easier and manageable. I am eternally grateful for your kindness and professionalism. Thank you!
Piermont, NY